Listen to These 7 Sound Sculptures for ringtone ideas

Sound Sculptures for ringtone ideas

Sculpture music is an ultimate form of art that lets you feel the voice of nature in the most beautiful form. There are various sculpture organs worldwide that are known for their unique structure and sound. Based on their music, you can decide which one is going to be set as your next ringtone. Let’s have the seven of them here- 


This one is located in BURNLEY, ENGLAND and known for its heightened structure. It is nearly 10 feet tall where the pipes are made of galvanized steel. This one is known for its spooky sound that is a result of various octaves in the organ.

This one was prepared in 2006 and it makes the site even more beautiful. So, listening to the sound, you can determine better if this is the kind of sound you can have as a ringtone or browse the next one.


This one from SAN FRANCISCO is one of the organs that are known for their beauty. The scenery around makes the experience even more soothing. People come here to experience the sea wave as well as the unique sound of this sculpture.

Being blessed by nature and without using any machinery, it creates the astounding sound of nature when the water current or tide goes high. For a ringtone purpose, this can be chosen too. Also, if you are more of a mixing person, you can have your favorite nature music and blend it well with that.


This one is interesting because of the pattern it uses to produce the sound of nature. It is a violin-like sculpture organ that soothes you when it is high tide. It continues to spread its charm even after two hours of the high tide and before the high tide as well.

The inlet pipes of the device are responsible to produce the sound when the high tide pushes the air into them. This way, you get nice music to set as your ringtone that can easily be downloaded from the internet or any reliable online source.


It is known to be the sculpture organ in Seattle that uses the wind vanes to get the sound. The organ in itself seems like mobile towers and there are various of them. These are like 20-foot steel towers with pipes attached to let the air enter and the vanes rotate.

As a result, they direct the sound and let the people hear it. Well, in the night time it can surely get a bit spooky but as long as you are a nature lover, it is going to sound perfect as your phone’s ringtone.


Cincinnati, the city in Ohio presents the people there with this giant 14 feet tall sculpture organ. You can’t miss visiting THE PENDLETON SPINNRADL and you shouldn’t be if ever you go there. Anyhow, visiting there is another topic but the sound can be used as the ringtone on your phone.

This one is not any sound of nature like the usual organs but what it does produce can be more soothing as the ringtone. There are two songs:  German folk dance called Spinnradl and the Ragtime. By simply turning the hand crank, both songs can be played and enjoyed!


You know the sound of critters they make at night, the similar kind of sound this sculpture produces. Actually, for the artists, it was an accidental creation when he was making efforts for making an instrument that anyone can easily play.

While working with the wires, one of them broke and stroked another one. This striking produced a sound that he could call music because this one was soothing. If you want the same sound as your phone’s music or ringtone, download the HARRY BERTOIA’S sculpture sound.


At the Zadar, this is the Sea organ that makes a sound because of the tides or the sea waves. There are small holes that are built around the seashore and when the air and waves pressure enters these holes, it creates the sound. So, this is another simple sculpture organ sound you can gift your phone as the ringtone.

There are even some steps that are into the water and each one contributes to producing the sound. This one is also known for winning the “European Prize for Urban Public Space” in 2006.

8 Sound Sculptures That Lets Nature Be The Musician

Singing Ringing Tree, Burnley

Be it the latest songs of your choice of genre or the sound of nature such as the sculptures, a ringtone deserves to be unique. To stand out from the crowd and to make every call noticeable, you have to choose a tone that people do not often think of.

The sound sculptures, for example, is a form of musical art that gets produced using the specific kind of objects. It is intended to stimulate your senses as the music feels soothing and relaxing. These sculptures produce the sound of nature such as wind and rain in a specific pattern. When these sounds become your ringtones, you suddenly become a center of attraction.

8 Sound Sculptures That Lets Nature Be The Musician

Let’s the eight types of sound sculptures that you should listen to and choose them as your next ringtone music-

Singing Ringing Tree, Burnley

Singing Ringing Tree, Burnley

This singing tree is located in Burnley, Lancashire, England. The tree comprises 3-meter height and the parts are made of galvanized steel. The pipes feature a different length for each of them embedded with the hole-like creations.

When the wind blows through these punctures, a kind of sculpture sound is produced. The project was made in 2006 and is a part of Panopticons, which is an arts and regeneration project. And thus, one can never go wrong with a ringtone from this sculpture.

Aeolus Wind Pavilion, London

Aeolus Wind Pavilion, London

When you want a phone ringtone from one of the famous sculpture organ, then the Aeolus Wind Pavilion takes the place. It is a partial ring-like creation that is adorned with a total of 310 stainless steel tubes. The arch design lets the visitors stay under it for their photo session and the rhythmic harmony.

To produce the sound of nature, the membrane on their outer end connects the strings to the poles. This way, the music can be listened out by being present there and via the posts nearby. Even when there is no wind, the visitors can enjoy mild humming music with this sculpture tree.

Do you know: a British artist Luke Jerram made the sculpture!

Sound Garden, Seattle

Sound Garden, Seattle

This is something exclusive in terms of looks as well as ringtone music. Situated at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the sound garden produces sculpture sounds. Next to the Warren G. Magnuson Park in Seattle, it was designed in 1980 by Douglas Hollis and also built by the same persona.

Instead of an arch-like design, there are 12 towers made of steel. These towers almost look like a cell phone but they actually use the power of mother nature to produce sound at different frequencies. The horizontal steel blades on the top of these towers produce the sound only when there is heavy wind.

Sea Organ, Zadar

Sea Organ, Zadar

The city Zadar on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast features the sound sculpture body as the Sea Organ. The coast has thirty-five organ pipes beneath the concrete steps that stay hidden. The waves and winds along fill these pipes with air, and as a result, they function the sculpture sound.

The singing coast can be heard easily without any amplification, and with just the power of nature.

Wave Organ, San Francisco

Wave Organ, San Francisco

Unlike the other sound sculptures, the Wave Organ is known for producing gurgling sounds. There is a small Boat Harbor in the Marina District, San Francisco where there are 25 organ pipes. Made of PVC and concrete these pipes are located at the seaside where reacting with the sea waves, they produce these sounds. 

Well, maybe you won’t want the gurgling sound as your ringtone, but it is worth experiencing how the organ sounds in real.

Whenever there is a high tide in the sea, the gurgling sound is audible enough. In low tide days, visitors often get closer to these pipes and focus to get able to hear those sounds.

Blackpool High Tide Organ

Blackpool High Tide Organ

This one is 15 meters tall and it seems like a standing violin with the strings. The organ was created to use with “The Great Promenade Show” in 2002. The 8 pipes when connecting to the seawall and the 18 organ pipes produce harmonic music in B-flat.

The music comes more effective when there is a high tide and produces its notes. To get the superior notes of the organ, it is suggested to hear it two to three hours before or after high tide.

Funnel Wall, Dresden

Funnel Wall, Dresden

The second last is the Funnel Wall that looks just as its name implies. In Dresden, Germany, there is the neighborhood “Kunsthofpassage” where this wall is located.

It is built on a multi-story building where there are metal pipes and funnels that form a sound sculpture organ. The organ happens to produce music when the rainwater flows through these pipes and goes to the gutter. So, this can be something worth considering for your next music ringtone and have a soothing rain experience.

Windorgel Vlissingen

Windorgel Vlissingen

The Windorgel produces the sounds of heavy winds flowing through the hollowness. There are various vertical bamboos secured there embossed with the holes. When the wind flows through these holes for the overall length of the bamboos, it sounds like the wind is washed away, and hence, it can be a choice to set as a ringtone.

There are many more sound sculptures out there known to produce a different kind of nature sounds. Explore accordingly and make your choice for the ringtone based on the music of your choice.