How To Download Sound Sculpted Ringtones

Sculpted sound is the art of nature that a sculpture organ lets you listen to. There are various sculpture organs around the world whereby using the power of winds and water, they create soothing music.

Now, anyone who wishes to have a ringtone having the harmony of nature should opt for the sculpted ringtones. This way, you not just acquire something unique as the tune for incoming calls, you experience the positive vibe too.

For Android devices, here is the process of downloading a sculpted ringtone, let’s have it here-

Downloading The Sculpted Ringtones

Sculpted ringtones may need you to put some efforts as there are not many platforms for these sounds. YouTube is a universal source for finding these ringtones within a few minutes. While you are looking for an MP3 format for the sculpted ringtones, the sources are fewer.

Also, as there are several sculpted organs and each one produces a unique sound, you may take time to determine which sound you want to go with. However, once you know which organ’s music feels more soothing to you, you need to visit its source.

To download the video, every browser facilitates some add-ons. By downloading a reliable add-on or one that has got positive reviews, you can activate it in the browser. After the installation, when you visit the link of ringtone site, the add-ons get active.

You can Google the audio sources to download or visit YouTube for the same. From there, it is possible to download the video and later convert it to .MP3 format. 

By clicking on the add-on, it presents you with the list of the sculpted ringtone with the “Download” option. Simply click this option and when prompted for choosing the location, choose Desktop or the desired place.

Hit the Save button and wait for the ringtone to get downloaded. Now, all you need to do is transfer this tune from your system to your phone and you are done.

Downloading The Sculpted Ringtone Using Android Phone

  • For downloading the sculpted ringtone in the phone using YouTube, there are several apps that you can download using the PlayStore and install the app.
  • This app lets you see the “Download” option once you open a video and save it in .MP4 format. 
  • Later, by using the video to audio converter ( Use VLC see video below), you can change the format and the audio gets saved into your device.
Convert MP4 to MP3 with VLC

Once, you finish off with this part, you can set the audio as your ringtone by following the same method that you do for any song.

  • Go to the “Settings” of your phone and access “Sounds and vibration.”
  • There tap “Set ringtones for incoming calls” and in the next screen choose the sim for which you want to set the ringtone.
  • When you would click the “Ringtone” tab it will take you to a list of your phone’s default ringtones. Scroll down until you see an option like “Add from phone.”
  • Click this option and it will let you choose from the downloaded ringtones.
  • Choose the sculpted ringtone that you just downloaded and it will be set as your phone’s new ringtone.

These ringtones that are inspired from nature regularly make us feel alive and soothes our senses. That is why a sculpting ringtone is all you need to make your thinking optimistic and mind focused.