A sound sculpture is a hybrid, being both sculpture and musical instrument.

metal instrumentssound sculpturesculpted sound

sculptured soundsound sculpturemetal instrument sculpture

sculptured soundsculpted soundsounds from sculptures

derek shiel sculpturessculpture by derek shielexample of derek shiel's sculpted sound instruments

Each time I am not just making another percussive instrument or piece of sculpture but something which must be both. Although constructed from found objects, each sculpture is no longer merely an object but a new sort of structural ensemble which makes a variety of sounds. In the process found items lose their original identity and function.

Adaptations of these instruments can be made in stainless steel for art galleries, sculpture parks, play centres, private homes or gardens. Some samples are shown below on exhibition at Monnow Valley Arts Centre, Walterstone, Herefordshire.

Derek Shiel sculptures shown outdoorsDerek Shiel sculptures exhibited outdoorsslotted sculpture

twin sculpturetwp drums sculptureslotted sculpture